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Esterelv5_92 is now available

This is a minor release following Esterel v5_91:

- bug fix concerning nested modules with pre. In some configurations, there was a bad linking by iclc.

- code generation improvement : we now avoid generating too many nested parentheses, which Microsoft's compiler cannot compile (are we in year 2000?).

The main novelties in Esterel v5_91 / v5_92 are the pre operators for accessing the previous status or value of a signal, a new explicit automata generator that uses the same causality as the rest of the system, and a new recorder in the xes simulator. Also, Ansi C code generation is now the default. The Xeve verifier is now distributed together with the Esterel compiler.

Please remove any copy of Esterelv5_91 you may have tried and use this new official version instead.

Download Esterel v5_92read the release notes.

The new FSM behavior equivalence checker fsm_verify is online..
download it now.

G. Berry will be co-chair of the CAV 2001 conference, see







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