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Hepathic Surgery Planification

Conventionnal Medical Images

Radiologists use several medical images technics in order to visualize the liver and its internal structures. Echography is used as the first visualization reference exam. If a suspect image is repeared, a more precise technic is then used. Generally, radiologists prefer CT-Scan to MRI, due to a less cost and a similar quality of the images. In order to visualize the portal vein required for liver segments delimitation, these CT-Scans are performed at the portal time after an injection of a contrast product in the veinous network (the product is then localized in the portal vein). Two modalities are used in routine: We used a data base composed to 32 images principally realized with intraveinous modality and offering a great variability beetween patients. Thus, in this data base there is patient with lesions (Kystes or tumors), safe patients or patients who having undergo a partial ablation of the liver. At least, the morphometry of data base patients is much variable, which explain differences in the image quality due to a portal time evaluation non perfect because difficult.

6 successive portoscanner slices. 6 successive intraveinous slices.