Virtual Reality can be defined as a set of hardware and software tools that permits the realistic simulation of an interaction with virtual objects, which are computer models of real objects.

Most often, we take an existing object, whose size can range from a molecule to a plant, and we create a virtual version. Nevertheless, it is also possible to reverse the concept, and to use Virtual Reality to materialize an idea. For example, an architect or an engineer will be able to display on their computer a project of a building or a mechanical part and to interact with this virtual prototype.

This international scientific workshop of the Laval International Virtual Reality Meeting, co-organized by the French Virtual Reality Working Group (PRC ALP-AFIG, I3, ISIS - CNRS / Ministry of Education, Research and Technology), with the scientific support of INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), will gather researchers from the academic and industrial communities to expose new methods, to show the latest scientific results, and to exchange ideas and information about the using of Virtual Reality for prototyping.

The workshop will address, in particular, the following topics:

The program of the workshop is composed of:

The Friday morning is dedicated to the topic of Force and Tactile Feedback Interfaces that allow for the design of and interaction with virtual prototypes.

Write-ups of talks and presentations will be published in the proceedings available during the workshop, and also be made accessible on-line from the Web site. The best contributions will appear in a special issue of the International Journal of Design and Innovation Research.

Some demonstrations will be given during the special visit of the Forum on Thursday afternoon. For more details on the Forum, consult the Web pages of Laval International Virtual Reality Meeting.

An inclusive fee (550 French Francs - 200 French Francs for students) covering the expenses for the meal and for printing the proceedings is requested. A Dīner de Gala is organized on Thursday evening at the Laval castle (not included in the student registration fee).

A registration form is available on this Web site.