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Command-line options

The full BERNINA command line has the following form:

\mbox{bernina~} [-d~der] [-i~fmt] [-q] [-x~v_1] [-y~v_2] [-w~name]

where the flags are all optional and have the following meanings:
-d der Use ``der'' as name for the derivation (default is ``D'').
-i fmt Use ``fmt'' for input format (default is ``infix'').
  Currently only ``infix'' and ``lisp'' are supported.
-q Quiet mode, suppress all the informational output (banner, prompts and timings).
-x var Use ``var'' as name for the independent variable (default is ``x'').
-y var Use ``var'' as name for the extra variable in Darboux curves (default is ``y'').
-w name Echo ``name'' to the mathematical output stream after executing each command.

Manuel Bronstein 2002-09-04