The standard Aldor library

Latest news

  • May 19, 2004: libaldor 1.0.2 released with the 1.0.2 compiler
  • July 19, 2002: fixes and workaround for reported bugs
  • June 13, 2002: release of libaldor 1.0.1

    What is libaldor?

    libaldor (formally known as salli) is the new standard Aldor library. It is a compact replacement and enhancement for the axllib and basiclib libraries that used to be provided by NAG Ltd. together with the Aldor compiler. It provides a low-level interface between Aldor programmers and the abstract machine, as well as several standard data structures, allowing its users to start programming with a fairly complete set of basic types and data structures already built into the language. It also provides an Aldor interface to the GNU MP package. Its companion  tutorial  provides an easy way to learn the Aldor language for beginners.

    What is the current version?

    The current distributed version is 1.0.2, released May 19, 2004.

    How do I get and install libaldor?

    libaldor is now bundled with the Aldor compiler and is automatically installed with it. Older versions of salli for previous versions of the compiler can be obtained from or by ftp.

    The libaldor user's guide and reference manual

    The libaldor documentation delivered with the compiler is in pdf format. You can also browse it online or download a postcript version specially formatted for printing, or the complete html version.

    What about more advanced libraries

    libaldor is an all-purpose basic library that does not offer advanced mathematical functionalities. There are however several advanced Aldor libraries for that purpose, in particular the algebra and libraries, which are compatible extensions of libaldor. Another useful extension of libaldor is , which provides primitives for distributed computing. Other libraries are available from the Aldor web site.

    Known bugs and fixes

    libaldor is not free from the little creeping things. Here is the list of reported ones, with fixes or workarounds whenever possible. Please help all our users by reporting any bug you find to
    1.0.2 bugs: None reported so far.
    1.0.1 bugs:
  • Segmentation fault while printing a DoubleFloat
  • Message: `The file `' is newer than `'' inside the interactive loop

    Please report problems or bugs about libaldor to

    Last update: 18 June 2004