CAFE, Computer Algebra and Functional Equations
An international conference, in memory of Manuel Bronstein

Thursday, July 13 2006, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis

INRIA - 2004, route des Lucioles - BP 93 - 06902 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS Cedex, FRANCE


Presentation and aims of the conference
    This international conference offers homage to the scientific career of one of INRIA's eminent researchers, Manuel Bronstein, who passed away tragically last June.

    Manuel Bronstein led INRIA's CAFÉ project (http://www-sop.inria.fr/cafe/), in the area of computer algebra. The scientific work of Manuel Bronstein embraced a panorama of subjects in this field, where he made a series of valuable contributions. In addition, he served as an important animator and steward of the discipline, as an editor and organizer, influencing the careers of hundreds of researchers in France and internationally.

    This conference will highlight aspects of computer algebra from the perspective of M. Bronstein's work. The conference will take place July 13, directly following the nearby ISSAC conference held 9-12 July 2006 in Genova.

    The program will include a number of invited presentations oriented toward the main lines of Manuel Bronstein's scientific contributions and leadership.

    These areas are in an evolutionary phase:one of the aims of the conference is to speculate on their future direction.


Invited speakers
    Sergei Abramov (Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences),
    title : Linear functional systems in the work of Manuel Bronstein [abstract]
    Mark van Hoeij (Florida State Univertsity),
    title :Factorization and hypergeometric solutions of linear recurrence systems [abstract]
    Erich Kaltofen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/North Carolina State University),
    title : Enabling Breakthrough: Manuel Bronstein's impact on the infrastructure of symbolic computation research [abstract]
    Barry Trager (IBM Research),
    title : Algebraic functions and differential equations [abstract]
    Felix Ulmer (Université Rennes I),
    title: Manuel Bronstein's contribution to closed form solutions of linear differential equations [abstract]
    Stephen Watt (ORCCA, University of Western Ontario)
    title : Using tomorrow's technology today: Manuel Bronstein's work with computer algebra software [abstract] .


Travel information
    A coach is planned to transfer the ISSAC participants from Genova (Italy) to INRIA Sophia Antipolis on Wednesday evening, July 12th (see Schedule).

    Nice International Airport is the second biggest in France after Paris. It is served by many direct flights from and to different places in the World. For more information, see Venue .

    How to reach Genova from Nice airport :

Support :
    The conference gratefully acknowledges generous support from:
      CNRS (action: Nouvelles interfaces des mathématiques),
      Conseil Général Alpes-Maritimes,
      Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
      Laboratoire XLIM

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