Some PhD theses on Higher Order Active Models (HOACs) defended at ARIANA Group:

  • Thesis of Aymen El Ghoul on "Phase fields for network extraction from images" (2010).
  • Thesis of Ting Peng on "New Higher-Order Active Contour Models, Shape Priors, and Multiscale Analysis: Their Application to Road Network Extraction from Very High Resolution Satellite Images" (2008).
  • Thesis of Peter Horvath on "The Gas of Circles Model and its Application to Tree Crown Extraction" (2007).
  • Thesis (in French) of Marie Rochery on "Higher Order Active Contours for the Detection of curvilinear structures in Teledetection Images" (2005).

Some key papers on HOACs and Phase Fields published by ARIANA Group:

Some useful links on shapes and/or active contours: