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Registration of satellite data with cartographic data

Valid matches allow us to improve the registration.

We use affine geometry which does not take the relief into account:

\begin{displaymath}(x_r,y_r,1)^T =\left(\begin{array}{ccc}\Phi_{1,1} & \Phi_......\left(\begin{array}{c}x\\y\\1\\\end{array} \right)\end{displaymath}

An improvement of the registration is performed using the valid matches obtained after the qualification step. The optimal registration matrix is written as follows:

\begin{displaymath}arg\{\min (\overline{D_{val}}(({\cal I,C}),Mat))\}\end{displaymath}


\begin{displaymath}\overline{D_{val}}(({\cal I,C}),Mat)=\frac{1}{N_{val}} \sum_{(S_i,S_c) valid} D(S_i,S_c)\end{displaymath}

This functional is minimized by the Powel method.

Christine Hivernat & Xavier Descombes

November 1998