Spring school & workshop: Inverse problems and approximation techniques in planetary sciences


Dates: 16-18 May 2018.

Location: INRIA, Centre de Recherche Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée.

Organizers: Laurent Baratchart, Sylvain Chevillard, Juliette Leblond, Marie-Line Meirinho.

The organization is supported by C4PO (UCA Jedi), INRIA Sophia Antipolis, and the team APICS-FACTAS.


A workshop and a school will be held for 3 days on inverse problems in harmonic electromagnetism and approximation, with applications mainly dedicated to geomagnetism and paleomagnetism. They will more precisely concern direct and inverse potential problems of source detection and non-destructive control, data extension, conductivity or permittivity estimation from boundary data, together with resolution algorithms. The techniques pertain to harmonic analysis, e.g. expansions in spherical harmonics or other families of special functions, Hodge decomposition principles, approximation theory and constrained optimization, Fourier analysis, ...

Applications to geosciences and planetary sciences concern in particular geomagnetism, subsoil prospection, paleomagnetism, gravimetry, source imaging, processing of stellar signals, measures protocols and steering of instruments.

The school and the workshop are open to Master or PhD students and of course to post-doctoral researchers, researchers, professors, engineers.

Communications from young participants (PhD, post-doc., young researchers, engineers) are strongly encouraged.


The talks will take place in room Euler Violet (just in front of the main entrance of Inria, on the left). To enter the Inria Research center, you will need to present an ID to the Welcoming Desk.

Time Wednesday, May 16 Time Thursday, May 17 Time Friday, May 18
09:30 Modelling Earths Gravitational Potential with a Learned Best Basis
N. Schneider
09:30 Reconstruction of Obstacles from Partial Boundary for Wave Equation with Finite Measurement Time
D. Ponomarev
10:05 Multicale Modelling in Poroelasticity
B. Kretz
10:25 Pause
10:40 Pause 10:55 Sensitivity Analysis for Maxwell's Equations and Application to an Inverse Problem
J. Heleine
11:10 Uncertainty Quantification of Complex Systems Described by Large-Scale Equations
F. Ferranti
11:30 Discussions and closing session
12:05 Lunch 12:00 Lunch
14:00 Examples of Satellite Data Based Potential Field Problems and Approximation Methods on the Sphere
C. Gerhards
14:00 The Inverse Problem in Magnetic Imaging of Geological Samples
E. Lima
15:10 Some Magnetic Field Data Processing on Terrestrial and Planetary Cases
Y. Quesnel
14:55 Rational Approximation of a Magnetic Dipole from Sparse Field Measurements
K. Mavreas
15:45 Pause 15:50 Pause
16:15 Water Waves Determination from Pressure Measurements at the Seabed
D. Clamond
16:25 Regularization Issues for Inverse Magnetization Problem
L. Baratchart
19:30 Dinner

The complete program (including abstracts and list of participants to the workshop) can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Practical information