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Still a lot of work to be done here... Last update - jan 2004

This page lists (hopefully) all references used in the database.
I have sorted them in 3 separate lists: in english, in french, and the rest of the world (I know, this is a very partial point of view (;-))

In English:
  • AGCW: Atlas - Great Caves of the World
  • BCRA:
  • CIM:
  • C&C: Caves & Caving; quarterly journal of the British Cave Research Association (BCRA). Cover price is £1.90 and subscriptions are available from Bryan Ellis, 20 Woodland Avenue, Westonzoyland, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA7 0LQ
  • Descent Descent, the Cavers Magazine, is published bi-monthly by Ambit Publications (Suite 1, Fullers Court, 40 Lower Quay Street, Gloucester, GL1 2LW) and costs £14.10 for a 1 year subscription (6 issues).
  • Mendip Underground: DJ Irwin & A Jarratt eds, Mendip Publications
  • Caves of South Wales: Tim Stratford ed, Cordee
  • Northern Caves: D Brook and others eds, Dalesman
  • IntCav: International Caver. Quaterly, by Tim Stratford, Aven International Publications (Percy Street, Swindon SN2 2AZ, UK.
  • Death Coral Caver: annual journal of the Proyecto Espeleologico Purificacion, PEP, P.O. Box 8424, Austin, Texas 78713 USA
  • NZSS-H95: The New Zealand Speleological Society Handbook (Nb9, 3rd Edition 1995).
    NZSSAtlas: The New Zealand Cave Atlas Volume 2:South Island
    NZSSBull: The New Zealand Speleological Society Bulletin
    NZSSTomo: The New Zealand Speleological Society Newsletter
    Orders address: New Zwealand Speleological Society, P.O. Box 18, Waitomo Caves, New Zealand (They also can provide maps of Bulmer Cavern and Ellis basin system)
  • SUICRO_News SUI Newsletter (Speleological Union of Ireland). On the Web at
  • SUI "Irish Speleology", journal of the SUI, ~ yearly.
  • En Français:
  • AGGM: Atlas des Grandes Gouffres du Monde, Courbon, 2-ième edition, 1979
  • AlpesLumiere Atlas Souterrain de la Provence et des Alpes de Lumière, P.Courbon, 1980
  • ATravers: A travers le Karst (60 traversées...), Fabien Darne et Patrice Tordjman, Editions du Moutard, 1991
  • Char.Sous: Chartreuse Souterraine, Baudouin Lismonde et Philippe Drouin, CDS38, 1985
  • Franche-Comté Spéléologie en Franche-Comte, Yves Aucant, Jean-Claude Frachon et Claude Schmitt, SHAG-SCJ 1990
  • Edisud-Ardèche: Spéléo sportive en Ardèche, Philippe Drouin et Thierry Marchand, Edisud, 1989
  • Edisud-Causses: Spéléo sportive dans les Grands Causses, Pierre Marchandet, Edisud, 1990
  • Edisud-Herault: Spéléo sportive dans les garrigues Nord-Montpellieérainnes, Patrick Labadie et Frank Vasseur, Edisud, 1992
  • Edisud-Hte-Savoie: Spéléo sportive dans la Hte-Savoie, le Ht-Giffre et le Désert de Platé, Richard Maire et Christian Rigaldie, Edisud
  • Edisud-Jura: Spéléo sportive dans le Jura Franc-Comtois, Yves Aucant et Jean-Claude Frachon, Édisud 1983
  • Edisud-Marguareis: Spéléo sportive au Marguareis, Alain Oddou et Jean-Paul Sounier, Édisud, 1986
  • Edisud-PSM: Spéléo sportive à la Pierre St Martin, Michel Douat, Jean-François Pernette et Serge Puisais Édisud, 1985
  • Edisud-Vaucluse: Spéléo sportive dans les Monts du Vaucluse, Luc-Henri Fage,
  • Edisud-Vercors: Spéléo sportive dans le Vercors, Jean-Jacques Delnnoy et Dominique Haffner, Édisud, 1987
  • Speleoguide-Coume: SpéléoGuide 1: Le tour de la Coume Ouarnède en 24 cavités, Stéphane Boyer et Jean Flandin Spelunca librairie / Editions Gap, 1994
  • Guide-Vaucluse: Guide Spéléo des Monts du Vaucluse, René Parein, 1990
  • Spelunca: Bulletin of the FFS (Fédération Française de Spéléologie), trimestriel.
    Orders address: Fédération Française de Spéléologie, 130 rue St-Maur, 75011 Paris, France
  • Speleo: Spéléo: journal trimestriel; Éditions Spéléo, Av des tilleuls, 84480 Bonnieux, France
  • Ras le Gour: Bulletin du Gresp (??)
  • Others:
  • DerOberländer: Der Oberländer Hoehlenforscher, Bulletin of the VHBO (Verein fuer Hoehlenkunde Berner Oberländ), and of the interclub ISAAK (several German and Swiss clubs). More or less yearly, in german.
  • Espeleoleg: In spanish
  • Idoubeda: Speleoclub Universidad Politechnica de Valencia; in spanish.
  • Aguero: Centro Excursionista de Valencia; in spanish.
  • BCE: Boletín Cántabro de Espeleología; in spanish.
  • NHKNW: Landesverband fuer Hoehlen- und Karstforschung Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V. [Information Bulletin], in german.
  • VdHK: Mitteilungen des Verbandes der Deutschen Hoehlen- und Karstforscher, issued by the German Caving Association (quaterly); in german.
  • Karst&Höhle german.
  • Der Schlaz german.
  • Antiberg german.
  • Subterranea: journal of the Federacion Espanola de Espeleologia, in spanish
  • Eksplorancik: Old name for Jaskinie
  • Jaskinie: Bulletin of Krakowski Klub Taternictwa Jaskiniowego (KKTJ) in Krakow, Poland. Published in polish, more or less yearly. Publisher: Jacek Duleba 30-603 Krakow ul. Kurasia boczna 1/1.
  • Gory: quaterly mountain magazine, in Polish. In #1 - 9 (1991-1993) was section "Jaskinie" ("Caves"), editor: Wojciech W. Wisniewski, ul. Bro nislawy 18/1, 30-203 Krakow, Poland.
  • Gory i Alpinizm: monthly mountain magazine, in Polish.
  • Optymista: quaterly mountain magazine, in Polish. Section caves, edito r: Wojciech W. Wisniewski, ul. Bronislawy 18/1, 30-203 Krakow, Poland.
  • O Carste: quarterly magazine, GBPE (Grupo Bambui de Pesquisas Espeleologicas), Minas Gerais, Brazil. In portugese
  • Speleologia: In italian
  • Spe.Veneta: bulletin of the Veneto regional federation, in Italian.
  • Talp: Toscana regional caving bulletin, edited by the regional caving federation, in Italian
  • atlas-piemont: Atlante delle grotte del Piemonte Gruppo Speleologico Piemontese, Torino, 1995, in Italian
  • Grottor i Sverige: by Lars-Erik Åström (in Swedish) Published by Svenska Turistföreningen in the "Känn ditt land"-series. A very well written book suitable for beginners as well as experienced cavers. Covers e.g. historical facts, geology, biology, finding new caves, documentation of caves and a general overview of caves in Sweden. The book also gives you futher pointers to caving litterture in Sweden.
  • Svenska grottor: by the Swedish speleological society, SSF (in Swedish). Published by SSF. A number of catalogues of known caves in Sweden. Sofar only part I - Svealand, has been published. Next part will cover Östergötland and Gotland and is currently being written (I estimate that it will be published in the spring of 1995).
  • Grottan: by SSF (in Swedish, with English summary). the magazine of the Swedish Speleological Society, SSF. It usually is about 40 pages (of A5 size) and covers everything that has to do with caves and Sweden. It has four issues a year.
  • Zpravodaj SSS Bulletin of the Slovak Speleological Society. In slovak, quarterly. More info, and summaries of previous issues
  • Mitteilungen: ?
  • VUSA: Vestnik Ukrainskoy Speleologicheskoy Assotsiatsii (Newsletter of the Ukrainian Speleological Association), published quaterly
  • RSIC: Russian SpeleoInfoCentre contact: Grigori Sigalov
  • Lists and Registers:
  • www-Friuli: Regional inventory, Friuli, Italy. Editor: Gianni Benedetti, contact:
  • www-sarda: Regional inventory, Sardegna, Italy. (
  • Toscana cave file: Regional inventory, Toscana, Italy.
  • CDS06: Regional Inventory, Alpes-Maritimes (06), France. Contact:
  • Venezuela List: National Inventory, copilacion Franco URBANI, Rafael CARRENO & Joris LAGARDE, noviembre 1995. Contact: Franco Urbani, Sociedad Venezolana de Espeleologia. You may also get the original list.
  • Slovenia Register Cave Register of Speleological Association of Slovenia. Contact Dorotea Versa
  • RSIC Russian SpeleoInfoCentre contact: Grigori Sigalov

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