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This is a database of long and deep caves from all around the world. It comes currently in 3 versions: sorted by depth (deeper than 300m), by length (longer than 3kms), and classified by country.

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Of course such a list can never be complete and up-to-date! I started this project during fall 1994, and I am still looking for contributors from many places, willing to participate in the collection of information.

Apart from the attraction of records, I have the feeling that such a list may be useful to the cavers community If and only If every item has a proper bibliographic reference. I insist that every item contributed be either already published somewhere, or, at least, with a reference (e.g. email) to somebody willing to answer to info requests.

As a side effect, this clears me from most confidentiality problems. And there will never be any explicit locations in the database; you'll have to go through the bibliography.

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