Models, Methods and Tools for Knowledge Management

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Artificial intelligence, knowledge-based system, knowledge acquisition, knowledge capitalization, knowledge management, Knowledge Modelling, corporate memory, explanation, multi-expertise, multi-agents system, conceptual graph, structured document, World Wide Web, XML and Structured Documents, Ontologies, Semantic Web.

The 2006 Activity Report is online
NEW release of Corese, RDF engine based on Conceptual Graphs and written in Java 1.5. This new version supports: RDF/S, SPARQL Queries, RDF Rules and a subset of OWL Lite. Corese 2.1

The Acacia project is a multidisciplinary project that aims at offering models, methods and tools in order to help the knowledge engineer to acquire knowledge from multiple expertise sources (experts and documents), for building a corporate memory (i.e. knowledge capitalization), a knowledge server or a knowledge-based system. We offer generic models in order to support the knowledge engineer in interpretation of expertise documents: such models focus on solving problems of multiple expertises and of explanatory knowledge acquisition.

We develop tools relying on our generic models, and based on the CommonKADS methodological framework, on knowledge representation through Sowa's conceptual graphs, XML, RDF and on agent-based modelling. The Corese semantic search engine is available for download. Corese implements RDF using conceptual graphs and proposes an RDF rule language. The Sewese JSP tag lib for semantic web applications is also available for download.

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