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Workshop on 
Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

Riva del Garda, Italy, August 28 or 29, 2006

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Call for papers:

 Knowledge Management (KM) is one of the key progress factors in organizations.  It aims at capturing explicit and tacit knowledge of an organization in order to facilitate the access, sharing, and reuse of that knowledge as well as creation of new knowledge and organizational learning. KM must be guided by a strategic vision to fulfill its primary organizational objectives: improving knowledge sharing and cooperative work inside the organization; disseminating best practices; improving relationships with the external world; preserving past knowledge of the organization for reuse; improving the quality of projects and innovations; anticipating the evolution of the external environment; and preparing for unexpected events and managing urgency and crisis situations.

One approach for KM consists of building a corporate memory or organizational memory (OM). Several techniques can be considered, according to the type of organization, its needs and its culture: knowledge-based approaches, document-based approaches, workflow-based approaches, CBR-based approaches, CSCW and cooperative approaches, ontology-based approaches, corporate Semantic Webs, Web-based approaches, agent-based approaches, distributed OMs, etc.

Several scenarios of KM can be tackled through OMs: project memory, skills management, communities of practice, strategic or technological watch, e-learning, e-government, etc. The workshop aims at gathering researchers from multiple disciplines, industrial participants and students in order to discuss models, methodologies, techniques and application dealing with these scenarios and approaches.

Papers are welcome in any area concerning knowledge management.
Examples of interesting topics are:

•    Skill management
•    Project memory
•    Community memory
•    Strategic or technological watch, Business Intelligence
•    E-learning
•    E-government
•    Inter-organization cooperation
•    …

•    Organizational dimensions of KM
•    Enterprise modelling and business process modelling
•    …

•    Knowledge-based approaches
•    Document-based approaches
•    Workflow-based approaches
•    Process-oriented approaches
•    CBR-based approaches
•    CSCW and cooperative approaches
•    Ontology-based approaches
•    Corporate Semantic Webs
•    Web-based approaches
•    Agent-based approaches
•    Peer-to-peer approaches
•    Distributed approaches
•    …

•    Design
•    Medical domain
•    Biology
•    Telecommunications
•    Aeronautics and space
•    Automobile
•    Building sector
•    …

 Important dates

 Submission format

Contributions are invited in the form of a full paper (max. 20 pages), following the formatting style for ECAI-2006 . The title page should include name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the contributor. Papers will be judged according to their contribution to the discussion. They should be submitted electronically (in PostScript or pdf)  to 
The title, authors and list of keywords should also be sent in ascii by E-mail. The best papers will be published later in a book, as for the previous ECAI/IJCAI workshops on KM & OM from 1999 to 2001.

Remark: All workshop participants must register for ECAI-2006

Workshop organizing committee

 Jean Paul Barthès
Address: University of Technology of Compiegne, Departement of Genie Informatique, BP.60319
60203 Compiègne Cedex France

Rose Dieng-Kuntz  (co-chair)
Address: INRIA Acacia Project, 2004 route des Lucioles, BP 93
06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex FRANCE

Knut Hinkelmann
Address: University of Applied Sciences Solothurn
Riggenbachstrasse 16
CH-4600 Olten

Ann Macintosh
Address: International Teledemocracy Centre
Napier University
10 Colinton Road
Edinburgh, EH10 5DT

Nada Matta  (co-chair)
Address: Université de Technologie de Troyes (GSID/Tech-CICO)
12, rue Marie Curie BP. 2060,
10010 Troyes Cedex France

Ulrich Reimer
Adress: Business Operations Systems, Switzerland

Carla Simone
Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication
University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

Programme committee

Workshop Program

9h45-10h Welcome (Rose Dieng-Kuntz)


10h -10h30 OntoBib: An Ontology Based System for the management of a bibliography

Sahar Al Sudani, Rim Alhulou, Amedeo Napoli, Emmanuel Nauer

10h30-11h Ontology support for knowledge management  in E-government environment

            Fathia Bettahar, Claude Moulin, Jean Paul Barthès

11h-11h30  coffee Break

Support to learning

11h30- 12h Learning memory, evaluation and return on experience

            Ahcen Benayache, Adeline Leblanc, Marie Hélène Abel


 Support to groups

12h30-13h Using sociograms for knowledge management. Proposal of a tool for the characterization of social networks

            Marie Françoise Canut, Max Chevalier, André Peninou, Florence Sedes


13h-14h  Lunch


14h-14h30 A Multiagent system  for information systems semantic interoperability

            Rahee Ghurbhurn, Philippe Beaune, Hugues Solignac



14h30 -15h User Centered image management system

            Sonia Lajmi, Zoltan ISZLAI, Elod Egyed-Zsigmong

15h-16h  coffee Break

16h-17h Discussions