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Tropics was a research team of INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, France

Starting 2014, the Tropics team is replaced by the Ecuador team

Latest version of our A.D. tool:
TAPENADE, version 3

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Our research themes and objectives :

We study Automatic Differentiation (A.D.) of algorithms and programs, from the point of view of Software analysis and transformation on one hand, and from the point of view of applications in Scientific Computing on the other hand. Our name is an acronym for "TRansformations et Outils Informatiques Pour le Calcul Scientifique", which means just that! We take into account the specific requirements of real large-scale scientific programs. Our team is composed of numerical analysis specialists, who bring their knowledge of scientific computing, and of software engineering specialists, who bring their knowledge of program analysis, transformation, and compilation.

We work at the junction of two research domains: A.D. is a relatively young and very interesting domain, as can be seen in the proceedings of conferences AD2000, AD04Link to a different Web site, AD08Link to a different Web site, or from the www.autodiff.orgLink to a different Web site site for the Automatic Differentiation community, managed by our colleagues in Aachen and Argonne

Our ideas need to be validated in some testbench. Moreover, we want our research to be applicable to real-life programs. To this end, we develop the A.D. tool TAPENADE. See the TAPENADE links on the left for more information on the tool.

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