Some facts about Tapenade users

Here is some data about Tapenade users.

Please notice that this information is partial: we have very little data from users of the Tapenade web server as no registration is required. Users may give a short sentence about who they are and what they are working on, if they wish.

Alternatively, Tapenade can be downloaded locally and this is done through a lightweight registration. However if an industrial user plans a regular use of Tapenade that is, after an evaluation period, then a licence should be written and signed. Please see the Download/Licenses section. Several companies have purchased a license, and two of them recently renewed it for another 5 years.

Data comes mostly from personal contacts, and from the Tapenade-users mailing list, which reached 100 users in January 2011. Bugs and bug reports are also an invaluable source about our users!

As of February 2011:

Access to the web server:

FTP downloads:

5000 sessions since creation (in 2002)
800 sessions per year, from 260 locations.
IP addresses from 42 countries
(France 48, Germany 33, USA 21, UK 17, ...)
123 downloads of Tapenade 3.x, since July 2008.
IP addresses from 23 countries
(Germany 29, France 23, USA 11, Italy 6, ...)
40 downloads of Tapenade 3.5, since January 2011.

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