Continuous mesh adaptation models for CFD

Bruno Koobus
Laurent Hascoët
Frédéric Alauzet
Adrien Loseille
Youssef Mesri
Alain Dervieux

Proceedings of SAROD-2005, Hyderabad, India, 2005 (9 pages)

Abstract: Continuous mesh adaptation models can be derived from a priori estimates. They are used for specifying a better mesh, and possibly the best mesh in some sense, by looking for the minimum of this error model. In the case of local error, this is done by exhibiting analytically the minimum. In the case of the global approximation error, an Optimal Control problem is solved. Application to Computational Fluid Dynamics (Euler Compressible Flow) is considered.

Keywords: Mesh Adaptation, a priori errors, Compressible Flow, Optimization, Computational Fluid Dynamics

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