ASN1_X509_MODE ASN1_DER_MODE ASN1_CER_MODE asn1_unique asn1_std_mode_on asn1_x509_mode_on


area_end = XXXXXX_cod(area, scope, ASN1_DER_MODE|num, argument_list);

area_end = XXXXXX_cod(area, scope, ASN1_X509_MODE|num, argument_list);
area_end = XXXXXX_cod(area, scope, ASN1_CER_MODE|num, argument_list);


The coding routines generated by MAVROS can be parametrized to provide unique encodings, as required by e.g. security applications. This encoding can be selected at run time. Using the flags ASN1_DER_MODE or ASN1_X509_MODE results in the ASN.1 "distinguished encoding rules", as specified in e.g. the X.509 recommendation. Using the flag ASN1_CER_MODE results in the ASN.1 "canonical encoding rules", which are a different way to obtain "unique" encodings of ASN.1 specified data. A detailed description can be found in the mavros-output manual pages.

The procedures asn1_x509_mode_on() and asn1_std_mode_on() which were found in a previous release of the MAVROS compiler are no longer available.


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