asn1_malloc asn1_realloc asn1_free asn1_alloc_snap_shot


#include "asn1.h"

char * asn1_malloc(len)
unsigned len;

char * asn1_realloc(area,len)
char * area;
unsigned len;

void asn1_free(area)
char * area;

int asn1_alloc_snap_shot(add)
char *** add;


MAVROS use its own set of memory allocation routines:

These routine maintain a list of allocated pointers, which is accessed through a hashing table maintained by static procedures. Asn1_free will take no action if the pointer to be freed is not present in the hashed list, i.e. was not allocated by asn1_malloc or was already freed by asn1_free; it will call free and remove the pointer from the list otherwise.

The routine asn1_alloc_snap_shot can be used to get the number of blocs which are represented in the hashing table at a given time. It can be used when debugging complex applications, e.g. to check that a server is not silently crunching all the available memory... If the pointer add is non null, asn1_alloc_snap_shot will fill it with a pointer to the list of addresses currently referenced in the hashed table. That area which holds that list is allocated by means of malloc and should indeed be freed in due time.


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