asn1_long_half asn1_long_add asn1_long_sub asn1_long_mul asn1_long_div asn1_long_modulo asn1_long_mod_small asn1_long_power_modulo asn1_long_2powN asn1_long_gcd - multiple precision integer arithmetic


#include asn1.h

void asn1_long_half(li)
asn1_long *li;

void asn1_long_add(li1, li2, li3)
asn1_long *li1, *li2, *li3;

void asn1_long_sub(li1, li2, li3)
asn1_long *li1, *li2, *li3;

void asn1_long_mul(li1, li2, li3)
asn1_long *li1, *li2, *li3;

void asn1_long_div(li1, li2, li3)
asn1_long *li1, *li2, *li3;

void asn1_long_modulo(r, n, i, po)
asn1_long *r, *n, *i;
int po;

ASN1_LONG_ITEM asn1_long_mod_small(li, l)
asn1_long *li;

void asn1_long_power_modulo(X, Y, N, r)
asn1_long *X, *Y, *N, *r;

void asn1_long_2powN(li, n)
asn1_long *li;
int n;

int asn1_long_gcd(A, B, GCD, I)
asn1_long *A, *B, *GCD, *I;


The ASN.1 library routines allow C programmers to describe arbitrary data structures in a machine-independent fashion. All ASN.1 routines require the header "asn1.h" to be included.

These routines perform arithmetic on integers of arbitrary length. The integers are stored using the defined type asn1_long (see asn1_long(9x)) :


mavcod (9x),
mavros (9x),
mavros-output (9x),
asn1_time (9x),
asn1_malloc (9x),
asn1_long (9x),
asn1_longio (9x),
asn1_longrand (9x)
asn1_longprime (9x),
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