asn1_long_in asn1_long_out asn1_long_olen


#include "asn1.h"

char *asn1_long_in(str, pos, li)
char *str, *pos;
asn1_long *li;

char *asn1_long_out(str, li)
char *str;
asn1_long *li;

int asn1_long_olen(li)
asn1_long *li;


The ASN.1 library routines allow C programmers to describe arbitrary data structures in a machine-independent fashion. All ASN.1 routines require the header "asn1.h" to be include.

These routines convert string of decimal digits into integers of arbitrary length. The integers are stored using the defined type asn1_long (see asn1_long(9x)) :


mavcod (9x),
mavros (9x),
mavros-output (9x),
asn1_time (9x),
asn1_malloc (9x),
asn1_long (9x),
asn1_longmath (9x),
asn1_longrand (9x),
asn1_longprime (9x)
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