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Behavior Class

Behavior  extends Atom and its action is to register itself in the RsiMachine (defined in section5.1) which executes it.

A behavior has a body which is an instruction, and it can have event parameters.

New instructions can be put in parallel into a behavior using the add method.

At creation, the actual parameter vector is copied into the array formalParams for efficiency.

public class Behavior extends Atom
  protected String behavName;
  protected Instruction body;
  protected Param[] formalParams = null;

  public Behavior (String behavName,Vector paramList,
                                      Instruction body) 
    this.behavName = behavName; 
    this.body = body; 
    if (paramList != null){
      formalParams = new Param[paramList.size()];

  public Instruction body(){ return body; }
  public Param[] formalParams(){ return formalParams; }

  public void add(Instruction inst){ 
    body = new Merge(body,inst); 

  final public String toString(){ ... }

  public Object clone()
    Behavior inst = (Behavior)super.clone();
    inst.body = (Instruction)body.clone();
    return inst;

  final protected void action(Machine machine){