Head of the Morpheme team:

Computational Morphometry and Morphodynamics of Cellular and Supracellular Structures

Morpheme is a joint project between INRIA, CNRS and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, involving the Computer Science, Signals and Systems Laboratory (I3S) (UMR 6070) and the Institute of Biology Valrose (iBV) (UMR 7277).


Main Research Topic

Stochastic modeling in image processing

Biological imaging



Prix de la recherche 2008 (category : "Human Health")

Main Collaborations

Dobrushin laboratory at IITP Moscow (E. Zhinina, E. Pechersky, S. Komech

IMFT (F. Plouraboue)

CerCo (c. Fonta)


Professor at ISAE Toulouse

Associate editor for DSP

Associate member of IEEE BISP commitee

Member of the Optitec scientific council

Expert for DRRT PACA