Browser Extensions and Login-Leak experiment

In the experiment, we collect user's browser fingerprint, together with the browser extensions installed and a list of websites she has logged in. We show how unique are Web users based on their extensions and Web logins.

Experimental website is available at

Control What You Include

This tool allows Web developers to gain control over the third party content they include. Our solution is based on the automatic rewriting of the web application so that the third party requests are redirected to a trusted third party server that automatically eliminates third-party tracking cookies and other Web tracking technologies.

More detailed description is available here.


WebStats collects, on a monthly basis, a number of JavaScript and security statistics about top 10 000 webpages: the usage of popular JavaScript libraries; the usage of different language constructs in these libraries; use of Content Security Policies and secure cookies, etc. The WebStats website can be used by programmers, researchers in programming and researchers in privacy.

The website is available at

Price Discrimination Crawler

A crawler that automatically extracts prices from the top 25 airline and measures the prices against 66 unique user profiles. Back in 2014, we did not find any evidence that the prices for online airline tickets depend on the user’s profiles.

The source code is available upon request.