Projects (since 2005)

2014-2019: ERC GUDHI
Geometry Understanding in Higher Dimensions
2013-2016: ANR TopData
Topological Data Analysis: Statistical Methods and Inference
2013-2016: Cifre contract with GeometryFactory
PhD thesis of Mael Rouxel-Labbé: Anisotropic mesh generation
2010-2013: EC CG Learning
Computational Geometric Learning
2009-2013: ANR GIGA
Geometric Inference and Geometric Approximation
2009-2011: ADT CGAL-Mesh
Open Platform for Mesh Generation
2007-2011: ANR Gaia
Geometric Algorithms of Information with Applications
2005-2008: EC ACS
Algorithms for Complex Shapes
Since 1996: CGAL
The Computational Geometry Library project