I am a research director at INRIA, the French Research Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I have been an invited professor at the Collège de France on the Chair Informatics and Computational Sciences (2016-2017). I hold a 3IA Côte d’Azur chair.

My research interests are in Computational Geometry and Topology. This includes geometric data structures, Voronoi diagrams, triangulations, randomized algorithms, robust computing, motion planning, mesh generation, non-linear manifold learning, high dimensional geometry, topological data analysis.

I successively founded and led two project-teams, Prisme (1987-2002) and Geometrica (2003-2015). I am currently a member of the DataShape team and the principal investigator of the ERC project GUDHI (Geometric Understanding in Higher Dimensions).

I am serving as associate editor of the Journal of the ACM and of Discrete and Computational Geometry.