Main Papers on Esterel

A survey paper describing all aspects of Esterel: The Esterel primer. Read it if you don't know the language, and use it as an informal reference manual. A draft book presenting the constructive semantics of Esterel used in the Esterel v5 compiler and the related mathematics; serves as a reference for Esterel: The use of Esterel in a real large design of a DSP at Texas Instruments. A distributed implementation of Esterel in Polis, based on the Constructive Semantics: How to analyze cyclic circuits for full constructive causality in Esterel v5: How to optimize the generated circuits: A general presentation of synchronous languages: A general discussion of synchrony vs. asynchrony in real-time systems: The first complete paper on the language design. A general survey of the language: A general discussion of preemption primitives for synchronous programs: An attempt at unifying Esterel and CSP: