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Events: TERANET 2011

TERANET 2011 International Workshop

Toward Evolutive Routing Algorithms for scale-free/internet-like NETworks


The second edition of the TERANET (Toward Evolutive Routing Algorithms for scale-free/internet-like NETworks) International Workshop, co-located with the 25th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC), will take place on September 19, 2011 in Rome, Italy. This yearly event focuses on current research dedicated to new routing paradigms, models, and algorithms for distributed and dynamic routing systems applicable to the Internet and its continuous evolution.

The TERANET 2011 Workshop Leaflet is available here


The Internet routing system is facing performance challenges in terms of scalability (growth rate of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing tables) and in terms of dynamics of the routing information exchanges (convergence, and stability/robustness) that result into major cost concerns for network designers but also protocol designers. There is a growing consensus among the scientific and technical community that the current practice of "patching" the forwarding and BGP routing protocol of the Internet will not be able to sustain its continuous growth at an acceptable cost and speed. On the other hand, the Internet size and scope make the deployment of new routing scheme(s) extremely challenging. Recent advances in routing algorithmics take benefit of the statistical and structural properties of the Internet topology and better characterization of its dynamics. The research domain dedicated to new routing paradigms aims to design distributed routing schemes that are specialized for the Internet while taking into account its dynamics and its continuous evolution. From this perspective, the goals of the TERANET full-day workshop are i) to stimulate research in the interdisciplinary area that lies at the intersection of Graph Theory, Distributed Routing Algorithmic and Network Dynamics Modeling, and ii) to provide a forum for active discussions among speakers and participants.

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Workshop Program

The second edition of the TERANET full-day workshop structures around two sessions, each dedicated to a cross-disciplinary topic. The first session focuses on Network Dynamics Modeling, the second on Distributed Routing Algorithmics.

Workshop Participants

Workshop Venue and Accommodations


This fee includes participation, proceedings (workshop leaflet and abstracts), lunch and coffee breaks. Presentation material will be made available to workshop participants.


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