Projet HEPHAISTOS, xjpdraw

xjpdraw is a drawing system enabling to create drawing for the LaTeX text editor by combining the capability of the Postscript langage (for the lines, circles etc..) and of LaTeX (for the text). This software is appropriate for geometrical drawings, either with the mouse or by using a geometrical langage similar to C, and for dealing with the results of external programs.

You can get it free of charge by anonymous ftp on, hephaistos/Jpdraw directory

download xjpdraw, SUN or PC version : choose the wanted xjpdraw_.. version (xjpdraw_solaris for Sun, the other for Linux) and download all the other files in the directory

Here is an example you can program in a few minutes: it's the Connoly surface. Consider two fixed spheres (in thick lines) on which roll a sphere (represented in four differents positions and in thin lines). The surface is the trace of this sphere on the fixed spheres when its radius change.


And here is an example of drawing using the mouse (it's the logo of my diving club..and it's been created only for debugging the program!)

Current release: 4.4

Date: 1/11/1996

  • The User's manual (Postscript, 1.8 Mo)

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