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Stopping the general solving procedures

It may be interesting to stop the solving procedures although the algorithm has not been completed. We have already seen that a possible mean to do that was to specify a number of roots in such way that the procedure will exit as soon it has found this number of roots.

Another possible way to stop the calculation is to use a time-out mechanism. For that purpose you may define in the double ALIAS_TimeOut the maximum number of minutes allowed for the calculation. If this number is reached (approximatively) the procedure will exit and will set the flag ALIAS_TimeOut_Activated to 1.

The solution that have been found by the algorithms are stored in the interval matrix ALIAS_Solution and their number is ALIAS_Nb_Solution. Note that for the procedures involving the Jacobian this matrix will usually describes the boxes that include a unique solution.

Jean-Pierre Merlet 2012-12-20