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Addition of two polynomials

The following procedures enable to add polynomials with real,interval or integer coefficients:

VECTOR Add_Polynomial_Interval(int n1,VECTOR &Coeff1,int n2,VECTOR &Coeff2);
INTERVAL_VECTOR Add_Polynomial_Interval(int n1,INTERVAL_VECTOR &Coeff1,
                  int n2,INTERVAL_VECTOR &Coeff2);
INTEGER_VECTOR Add_Polynomial_Interval(int n1,INTEGER_VECTOR &Coeff1,
      int n2,INTEGER_VECTOR &Coeff2);
with: There is also a version which take into account rounding errors:
INTERVAL_VECTOR Add_Polynomial_Safe_Interval(int n1,VECTOR &Coeff1,int n2,VECTOR &Coeff2);

Jean-Pierre Merlet 2012-12-20