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COPRIN: Constraints solving, OPtimisation, Robust INterval analysis (2002-2013)
HEPHAISTOS: HExapod, PHysiology, AssISTance and RobOticS (2014-)

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COPRIN ... has been created on February 15, 2001, approved on May 20, 2002 and closed on December 2013
This research team was made of researchers from ENPC/CERTIS working in the field of constraints programming and from INRIA working on interval analysis.
They have decided to share their competences for solving systems of real numbers constraints with an emphasis on geometrical problems and on mechanism theory (see the founding document in french). In 12 years the team has evolved both in its composition and in its research area: the focus is now assistive robotics and uncertainties management. This has motivated the proposal of creation of a new team, HEPHAISTOS, which is in the validation process

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