Speleology Servers on the Web 

This is one of the places on the Net where you can find a lot of pointers to Caving servers. Many other such directories can be accessed through those pointers.

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I do not claim to be able to check the links below at regular intervals
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Last updated 2005, oct 3


  • Mailists, Digest, Link Pages, and Archives 
  • Events 
  • General Caving Servers, Ftp sites 
  • Web sites 
  • France 
  • Europe 
  • North America 
  • Rest of the world 
  • Related Subjects 

  • Mailing Lists: the Cavers Digest, and others...

  • International Journal of Speleology IJS is the official journal of the UIS (International Uion of Speleology) since 1964. and is published by the Speleological Society of Italy.
  • The Cavers' Digest began in 1988 as a mailing list and was converted in 1992 into a ever growing digest. There are currently near 1000 addresses in the list, only may be half of them in the USA (;-).

  • New Web site for the Cavers Digest at www.caversdigest.com
    Administrative contact: caver@caversdigest.com

    And there are a couple of sites that maintain a full index of the digest archive, e.g. at lmu, UK. The Speleology server at Yale had a retrieval facility through the digest archives (but it is currently broken). 

  • The Cave surveying and SURVEX lists, for general discussions on surveying, mapping, positionning, etc., and for specific discussion on the Survex software. (subscriptions at http://www.survex.com/maillist.html
  • Cavedata: The UIS "Cave Data" Mailist

  • (Subscribe at Majordomo@techpkwa2.curtin.edu.au, with "subscribe cavedata" in the body of your mail) 
  • Russia:.There is a Russian moderated mailist. The moderator is Pavel Gul'chuk, gul@lucky.carrier.kiev.ua. You may try to post in english (I have not tried yet). The address for messages intended to be sent to everybody is lucky.carrier.kiev.ua 
  • UK: British cavers have set up a cavers Newsgroup, named uk.rec.caving 
  • Canada: Canadian cavers email addresses 
  • Italia:Italian cavers email addresses 
  • Other good link pages:

  • TrogNet A UK=maintained categorized set of link pages 
  • by Shery Mayo 
  • The "do it yourself" speleo link page 
  • by Eduard Kladiva (Old Cave Dog) 
  • the "Links 2 Go" Caving links page
  • FTP Sites

  • FTP in the United King, at lmu : survey programs, Cavers' Digest archives, images 
  • FTP in USA : cave software, images, calendar, cavers digest archives, caving-online, ... 
  • German Caving-FTP-Server with compressed archives of the digest. 
  • COMPASS Site, and European mirror 
  • On Station 3.0 Web Page On Station 3.1 Web Page (july'99)
  • General Caving servers, Directories

  • Speleology Server Home page, also home of the Cavers' Digest archive 
  • Caving Newsletters and magazines 
  • National Geographic Caving References
  • UIS: Union International de Speleologie server 
  • UIS Informatics Commission (Peter Matthews
  • The UIS Calendar of Events 
  • UIS's Caver's Multilingual Dictionary
  • UIS'97 Congress server and 
  • mailist 
  • UK.REC.CAVING Archives 
  • Speleo electronics, US mailist 
  • einet's GALAXY Speleology directory page 
  • GORP's Caving index 
  • "Outdoors":Speleology on Yahoo 
  • International Caver magazine. 
    International Caver Virtual Speleo Bookstore
  • Alan B. Canon VR-Caves pages 
  • Caving Vendors Lists 
  • PETZL products 
  • Speleo Technics Caving Lamps and Safety Helmets 
  • Meander
  • Caving Vendors Lists 

  • Europe

  • Fédération Française de Spéléologie: 
  • Des Clubs et des Spéléos:  (les plus récents d'abord)
  • Autres: 
  • Caving in Austria 
  • Belgium: 
  • Union Belge de Spéléologie 
  • Y consulter directement la liste des sites Belges
  • La mailist Belge, et ses archives
  • Commission Spéléo Secours Belge
  • Commission Wallonne d'Etude et de Protection des Sites Souterrains
  • Speleo Club de Bruxelles les Stalacs
  • Club Passion
  • Continent 7 (belgique) et Méandres (normandie): Lapiaz du Caperan
  • SC Avalon - The Yellow Pages of Caving in Belgium (English/Dutch)
  • Ph. Axell site with pictures from his movies: Caves of Han, l'Europe Souterraine, Voyage sous la terre, etc...
  • Bulgarian Caves Home page 
  • Club Extreme Sofia, Bulgaria (mountains, caves, wilderness...) 
  • Croatia: 

    (some of those pages still in construction) 
  • Croatian Speleology Home Page 
  • Croatian Speleological Server by Jagoda Munic. With a list of Croatian Clubs and a list of Croatain Caves 
  • Speleological Society "Buje" (SD "BUJE", Buje) 
  • Speleological Society "PAUK" - Fuzine 
  • Speleoclub "HAD" POREC 

  • Speleological section Velebit (Zagreb), with Lukina Jama page, Patkov gust page, and a clickable map of Croatian caves. 
  • Germany: 
  • central german speleo server
  • Franz Lindenmayr pages
  • the Karst Network, by Roger Schuster, including a link page, and the european Compass mirror page.
  • German cavers mailist (digest) 
  • Munich Speleo server by Cornelia Klumper 
  • No longer active
  • HfgB Speleo Server (Blaustein Cave Research Group, Bayreuth), including a german overview page, and a German Cavers list 
  • Peter Herttrich's www site, at uni-karlsruhe 
  • Ralf Süßbrich, Nuremberg 
  • Norbert Marwan, Dresden 
  • ISAAK: Internationale SpelÄologische Arbeitsgruppe Alpiner Karst
  • Caving in Greece
  • Icelandic Speleological Society 
  • Ireland: 
  • Speleological Union of Ireland 
  • Dublin University Caving Club
  • Outdoors Club, Un. Limerick with a nice introduction page for beginners. 
  • Italy: 
  • Caving in Italy 
  • Italian Caves list 
  • Centro Italiano di Documentazione Speleologica
  • Sardinian Caving corronca@box.vol.it (Corrado Conca) 
  • Federazione Triestina including the recipe of the famous "Gran Pampel"! 
  • Caves in Trieste - The original Karst region: Caves in Trieste - The original Karst region. Reliefs, descriptions and history of the Karst caves. FREE screensaver, photos, software, explorations.
  • Federazione Speleologica del Lazio (Roma) 
  • Federazione Speleologica Toscana including some cave descriptions, and a summary of the last TALP issue. 
  • Centro Speleologico Etneo (Catania, Sicily) in italian and english. Speleologia in Umbria including a "distribution map" of caves in Umbria. 
  • A.S.S.O.: Archeologia Subacquea Speleologia Organizzazione 
  • and even a commercial cave: Grotta Gigante (Trieste) 
  • Luxembourg: 
  • Étude de paramètres physiques dans la grotte de MOESTROFF Francis Massen 
  • Netherlands: 
  • Speleo Nederland Caving Club of the Netherlands; partially in english 
  • index of all the artificial caves in the NETHERLANDS 
  • Poland: 
  • Polish pages (and partly in english) by Darek Bartoszewski (Gdansk/Sopot) with the Lampo page, and the new -1000 in Austria: Hedwig Hohle 
  • Polish Geomorphologist association 
  • Romania: 
  • Romanian Speleological Home Page 
  • Romanian Speleological Federation 
  • Romanian Society of Speleology and Karstology
  • (Romanian language only) Inserted Feb 2002.
  • Romanian Cave with sulpher-based forms 
  • Romania: 
    Speleological Atlas of Serbia
  • Slovak speleological society, and bulletin
  • Speleoclub Drienka
  • Slovakia Cave Server, by Eda Kladiva , with International Workshop "Tyrolean Traverses" 
  • Slovenia: 
  • Slovenian caving server with info of Slovenian tourist caves 
  • The Co-ordinanting Committee for Research Kanin Karst, including "Conditions for visits and explorations in teh Kanin area".
  • Speleo Club Zeleznicar, Ljubljana, One of the oldest cave club in Slovenia. A lot of pictures, articles, etc... 
  • Spain: 
  • Federación Andaluza de Espeleología in spanish only.
  • Miguel Lacave in spanish only.
  • Equip de Recerques Espeleològiques, Barcelona, Catalunya in catalan and in english 
  • Speleo Club Cantabro, Santander in spanish only. 
  • Federacion Cantabra De Espeleologia in spanish only. 
  • Grupo de Investigaciones Espeleologicas de Jerez, Cadiz 
  • groupe de speleologie SECJA (Alcobendas, Madrid) 
  • SEA: Sección de Espeleología de Anem (Mallorca) in spanish
  • Colectivo ESCUAIN
  • Swedish Speleological Society
  • Krister Valtonen's Caving Page in english.
  • Switzerland: 
  • Societé Suisse de Spéléologie:
  • Clubs:
  • SGH Basel (german)
  • Autres:
    • Toporobot: "L'ordinateur au service du spéléologue-cartographe" by Martin Heller (français/English/deutsch)
    • Toporobot PC: Help for using Toporobot on PCs (English)
  • Cave Research Society
  • Ankara Caving
  • BUMAK: Bogazici University Caving Club
  • AYVAINI (Hakan Erdemir's pages)
  • UK: 
  • British Cave Research Association, with: 
  • National Caving Association (NCA) With officials generic email addresses: 
  • NCA Equipment Committee 
  • The Braemoor Pages with a walking (not caving!) guide of Chartreuse, and a caving guide in the Dales.
  • Caving.UK, and the Descent Magazine
  • UK.REC.CAVING Archives 
  • Keyhole Caving Club, U.K.
  • Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC) and Compass points index 
  • The LUSS home page in the UK with an excellent clickable map of the Yorkshire Dales. New URL! Lancaster University Speleological Society, Articles, pictures, maps, ... 
  • SLUGS: Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists An Unofficial SLUGS page with some pictures of the Picos de Europa. 
  • NUCC (Nottingham University Caving Club) 
  • SUSS: Sheffield Univ. Speleological Society with a clickable map of UK 
  • Southampton University Caving Club (by Jasper Wallace) newsletters, library 
  • Andrew Brook's Speleological Information Pages : Caving in Yorkshire and Scotland. BCRA, Caves&Caving table-of-contents Interesting maps! 
  • OUCC: Oxford University Cave Club
  • Border Caving Group, Guildford, Surrey by Keith Whiddon <keithwn@tcns.co.uk> 
  • North Wales Caving Club 
  • SWCC: South Wales Caving Club--> SWCC have information regarding local news, their newsletter, a list of members, and accomodation and access information for South Wales. 
  • YUCPC: York University Cave And Pothole ClubYUCPC have information on About the club, Current Members, Some Interesting Images, Planned Events, Trips so far, Juicy Gossip!!, and Expedition Info. 
  • BUCC: Bangor University Caving Club 
  • Gwynedd Cave &Pothole Club 
  • Shropshire Caving & Mining Club Shropshire, Midlands. 
  • Yorkshire Subterranean Society 
  • World Outdoor Web Caving section 
  • Speleo Technics Caving Lamps and Safety Helmets 
  • WOW caving galery (commercial) Beware: animated page! 

  • Americas

  • NSS Home Page 
  • NSS HSS 
  • 1995 NCMS 1995 National Cave Management Symposium 
  • 1997 NCMS 1997 National Cave Management Symposium 
  • Cave Biota From Hoosier National Forest & Indiana Karst Conservancy
  • Eastern Region National Cave Rescue Commission 
  • Western Region National Cave Rescue Commission 
  • Western Region Training Committee 
  • Southeastern Cave Conservancy 
  • Wakulla 2 project pages
  • Biospeleology pages, at U. Texas 
  • Bob Gulden's page, with USA lists. 
  • Cliff Pickover's Virtual Cavern 
  • Cave Man: Caves of Southeastern Pennsylvania 
  • MIT caving club, by Jeff Bigler 
  • Central Kentucky Karst, by J. Alan Glennon 
  • MUSG: Madison University Student Grotto 
  • Ohio Caverns, by Eric Lechner (eric@echo.com
  • Paul Aughey's Caving Page 
  • Northern Diggers, by Mark Whittemore, and clip-art, audio clips, VRML stuff 
  • David Heron (caverdave) page, with CavePlot, and more... 
  • TAG-net public server 
  • Upper Cumberland Grotto, including a gallery of TAG photos. 
  • Potomac Speleological Club, Washington D.C. 
  • Closed caves in TAG, VA, WVa 
  • Buxton Underground Group 
  • Dayton Underground Grotto
  • JOHN'S CAVE AND MINE PAGE , and The Desert Dog Troglodytes Page 
  • Indiana Karst Conservancy 
  • Dave Bunnel "Virtual Cave" 
  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park 
  • Caver Net, by Bill Bentley. 
  • Karst Sports Equipment vendor (Shinnston, WV), by Douglas L Moore 
  • SpeleoBooks catalog 
  • USA commercial caves !!! 
  • Virginia Caves pages 
  • Lech page by Garry Petrie 
  • Onyx Cave slides 
  • Battlefield Area Troglodyte Society (BATS) Fredericksburg, VA 
  • BLM is Selling bat caves, by Garry Petrie 
  • Illegal and damaging Bolting by G. Petrie 
  • Maverick Bull Online 
  • Caving Vendors Lists 
  • Texas Speleological Survey 
  • Jamaica: 
  • Jamaica Underground Second edition, 1998
  • Canadian Cave and Karst Info Server by Rick Coles. Including most Canadian Web resources, e.g. Canada's Longest and Deepest Caves lists;
  • Société québécoise de spéléologie
  • Spéléologues de la Haute Gatineau, Québec par Marc Gravel (attention, 170Ko) 
  • Mexico: 
  • PEP Web site by Peter Sprouse
  • New pages (4/1997) on Espeleoarqueologia, Speleo Rescue, and email contact with the UMAE (Unión Mexicana de Agrupaciones Espeleológicas): jgpv@hp.fciencias.unam.mx 
  • SMES (Sociedad Mexicana de Exploraciones Subterraneas), by Francisco Ruiz (Curro) Pages in Spanish and Catalan, and in english... 
  • Asociacion de Excursionismo del Instituto Politecnico Nacional of Mexico (beware, >200Kby!) by Miguel Angel Hernandez Ramirez (all in spanish) and its Espeleologia page (>550K) 
  • The Mexican "Cruz Roja Mexicana" caving rescue organisation, and Underground archaeology by Arturo Montero
  • Expeditions in the Pumacocha area
  • Brazil: 
  • SpeleoNuts, by Marcos Souza 
  • PETAR: Brazilian Caves of São Paulo 
  • Cuba: 
  •   Pagina Web de la Sociedad Espeleológica de Cuba (en Puerto Rico)  by Efraín Mercado
  • Grupo Espeleológico Guamuhaya GEG  by Carlos A. Borrego
  • Grupo de Espeleología y Deportes de Aventura GEDA  by Raudel del Llano

    Rest of the world

  • Moscow University Speleo pages also in (Russian), by Viktor Korshunov 
  • Caves of Kugitangtou Mountains
  • Moscow University Caving Club home page 
  • RISC: Russian SpeleoInfoCentre, by Dr. Grigori M. Sigalov, with Emails of Russian cavers, and list of former-USSR bigest caves.

  • There is also a Mirror Site 
  • GOTO Satoshi's Japan Speleo Information page 
  • (end of life for this page)
  • The Speleological Society of Japan
    and an extensive list of japan caving clubs
  • Edogawa Caving Club
  • Lists of Long caves and Deep caves of Japan (with many pictures)
  • Fenglin (China) Cave Project of Japan 
  • Japan Speleo Page / Whole Earth Club (Yokohama, Japan) 
  • Middle East 
  • Saudi Caves beneath the desert...
    FINSPAC (Indonesia)
  • South African Speleological Association 
  • Australia: 
  • Australian Speleology 
  • Australian Speleological Federation 
  • Australasian Cave & Karst Management Association 
  • Mole Creek Caving Club 
  • Australian Cave Survey & Map Standards 
  • Sherry Mayo Cave Page: including interesting stuff on the Picos de Europa (Spain), and her Speleo Scribbles page! 
  • SRT rigging page by Sherry Mayo 
  • Western Australian Speleology Server by Rauleigh Webb 
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's: Outdoor Pursuits Club 
  • CaveWorks learning centre, Western Australia 
  • Georg Kaufmann page 
  • Victorian Speleology page 

  • Related subjects

  • USGS Home page 
  • Souterrains The page of the UIS commission on artificial cavities. 
  • Souterrains A Parisian site, with many pictures
  • AIPS/ISHA: International Subterranean Heritage Association 
  • Underwater Caves in Yucatan, Mexico by the Dudes Divers. 
  • Links to satellite data sources 
  • Land Surveying: GPS 
  • National Geophysical Data Center: compute your local Magnetic Declination 
  • Alp magazine pagesIncluding a register of wilderness/mountaining servers. In Italian (english version planned) 
  • Knots, knots, and knots... 
  • Speleothem Luminescence 
  • Modeling Stalactite and Stalagmite Formation 

  • Eric.Madelaine@sophia.inria.fr (home page
    Xavier.Pennec@sophia.inria.fr (home page