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The Virtual Plants is an INRIA project-team, joint with CIRAD and INRA. It is located at UMR AGAP, Montpellier, France. The long-term focus of the project is to study plant development and its control by genetic processes.

Motivation: Plants are branching living organisms that develop throughout their lifetimes. Organs are created by small embryogenetic regions at the tip of each axis, called apical meristems . In the project Virtual Plants, we are interested in studying plant apical meristem functioning and development. We believe that a detailed analysis of apical meristem processes, based on advanced mathematical and computational methods and tools, will lead us to get a deeper and better understanding of plant development.

Biological keywords: Plant development, branching systems, plant architecture analysis, plant geometry and topology, branching patterns, meristems, growth, vegetal tissues, hormones, auxine fluxes, meristem physiological states, shoots, roots.

Mathematical keywords: Developmental processes, dynamic systems with dynamic structures (DS)2, stochastic processes, Markov processes, transport processes, partial differential equations, mechanical models, L-systems, MGS, plant and fractals, tree-graph comparison, self-similarity in trees, tree compression, multiscale structures and analysis, 3D imaging.


  • 04-06/02/13 : Alistair Middleton visits the team. He makes a Agropolis seminar the 4 at 14h.
  • 08/01/13 : E. Farcot starts his new contract at the university of Nottingham.
  • 19/12/12 : Defense of C. Preuksakarn on “Reconstruction of Plant Architecture from Laser Scanner Data”.

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