AD 2000

Practical information


The conference will take place at the Maison du Seminaire, in Nice, France.
The address is 29 Boulevard Frank Pilatte, close to the harbor (cf map below).
Telephone to the maison du seminaire is 04 93 89 39 57

The banquet will take place on the private beach of Hotel Beau Rivage on june 21st, around 19h30.


Participants will be provided with

a video projector that can be connected to their portable computer, and

an overhead projector for those who use slides.

Please contact the organizers for any other equipment you may require.


Participants to AD2000 may benefit a special tarif on domestic flights, i.e. flights with origin and destination inside France. At the present date, the following companies have accepted to propose a special tarif:

Air Liberte : (60% off) agreement number 6257. Telephone from France: 0803 805 805, from abroad 02 47 88 48 48.

Air Littoral : (45% off) agreement code LTYPOSS or MTYPOSS. Telephone (33) 803 834 834

AOM : agreement number SE 2040. Telephone (33) 803 001 234, E-mail


We have selected some hotels for you. Actually, there are 11 of them, for an approximate total of 110 (single and double) rooms. Their description follows. In addition, we have booked all the rooms in the "Maison du seminaire".

Please choose your hotel and we will confirm your reservation! Until April 10th, 2000, you can book your hotel-room at the given special rates via our secretariat. Just send an E-mail to Please tell us precisely the hotel of your choice, the period of reservation, the number of nights, your name(s), and the number of (single, double, etc...) rooms. First come, first served. After this date you will have to make your own hotel reservation.

Please be extremely careful if making your own reservation: hotels are pretty much full for this period !!

Payment of hotel is not included in the conference fee. Participants pay for themselves on departure. Please note: Reservation cut off deadline: April 10th, 2000. After this date, our blocks are released, and rooms at special rate may not be available.

The hotels we have chosen are in the standard category (2-stars in the French rating). The closets and shower (or bath) are inside the room. The "maison du seminaire" is something completely different: The "maison du seminaire" is where the conference takes place. It has a limited number of rooms, and we have already booked them all. Comfort is "clean but simple", i.e. rooms often have 2 or 3 beds, and for most of them, the shower and/or the closets are not in the room. We would call it "spartan", or "monastic". On the other hand, the price is cheap (less than 50 USD) and most rooms have a superb view on the sea. There is a small beach just across the street.

As you can see on the map, some hotels are at walking distance, and some are not. In any case, there is a city bus service in Nice, and one bus stop close to "maison du seminaire". There are rental cars in the airport (but parking space in town is a famous big problem in Nice). No subway. Nice international airport is very close to town (see map below), with a bus connection.

Now here is the summary of available reserved rooms (last update 26/4/00):

PLACE: ROOM KIND: PRICE (per night): Breakfast: NUMBER:
Maison du seminaire 1 bed 170 FF 25 FF (full)

2 beds 230 FF 25 FF (full)

3 beds 340 FF 25 FF (full)
Hotel Agatha single 440 FF 40 FF (full)

double 465 FF 40 FF (full)
Hotel Amaryllis triple 450 FF 30 FF (full)
Hotel les Camelias single 280 FF included (full)

double 380 FF included (full)
Hotel Carnot single 275 FF (full)

1 double bed 295 FF (full)

double 350 FF (full)

triple 400 FF (full)
Hotel Durante single 450 FF included (full)

double 610 FF included (full)
Hotel de Flore single 560 FF (full)

double 680 FF (full)
Hotel Locarno single 300 FF 40 FF (full)

double 360 FF 40 FF (full)
Hotel Marbella single 280 FF (full)

double 350 FF (full)

triple 480 FF (full)

quadruple 480 FF (full)
Hotel Mister bed single 335 FF 40 FF (full)

double 335 FF 40 FF (full)
Hotel St George single 330 FF (full)

double 390 FF (full)
Hotel St Gothard single 310 FF included (full)

double 370 FF included (full)


These maps may help you locate the various places:

Larger scale map Smaller scale map
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jpg format (240 K) jpg format (135 K)

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