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Welcome to Mascotte’s Simu Cafe (or SpreadSim)

The principle of this seminar is the following: every week someone will present a paper he found interesting (in both ways, good or bad). After describing the content of the paper, we’ll spend the remaining time of the seminar discussing the content of the paper: practices, relevance of models used, etc.

When and Where

The next seminar will be held on:
  • Monday, 03 Nov at 16:30h


25/03/08Luc HogieGalois TurquoiseA Context-Aware Broadcast Protocol for Mobile Wireless Networks
31/03/08Olivier DalleFermat VertImplementing component reuse strategy in complex products environments?
10/04/08Michel SyskaGalois TurquoiseDiscussion autour de l’article CoNEXT’07 Proactive replication in Distributed Storage Systems Using Machine Availability Estimation from A. Duminuco, E. biersack et T. En-Najjary
18/04/08Juan-Carlos MaureiraSalle du CaféOverlay network Simulator:
16/05/08Judicael RibaultSalle du CaféImproving the composability of department of defense - models and simulations.
25/10/08Luc HogieSalle du CaféNetwork Coding for large scale Content Distribution
03/11/08Julian MonteiroSalle du CaféHigh Availability, Scalable Storage, Dynamic Peer Networks: Pick Two