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Induction and structured proofs

Exercise 1

Let us prove directly formula \[ \sum_{i=0}^{n-1} (2 i + 1) = n ^ 2 \] from lesson 1, slightly modified.

Let us first recall custom sum operator:

  • First prove a very useful lemma about iota (you can use iota_add) (Easy)

  • Then prove a very useful lemma about summation. (Medium)

  • Now use the previous result to get the main result (Easy - Medium)

Exercise 2

Prove that the equation \[ 8y = 6x + 1 \] has no solution. (Easy)

  • Hint 1: take the modulo 2 of the equation (using suff).
  • Hint 2: Search _ "contra" in MC and use the view eqP.
  • Hint 3: Search _ modn addn in MC and Search _ modn muln in MC

Exercise 3:

The ultimate Goal of this exercise is to find the solutions of the equation \[ 2^n = a^2 + b^2,\] where n is fixed and a and b unkwown. We hence study the following predicate:

  • We give the set of solutions for \(n = 0\) or \(1\)

  • Now prove a little lemma that will guarantee that a and b are even. (Medium - Hard)
    • Hint: Search _ (_ ^ 2) (_ + _) in MC.
    • Hint: Search ((_ * _) ^ _) in MC.
    • ...
    • Hint: About divn_eq to substitute a and b (rewrite {1}(div_eq ...))
    • Hint: Search _ modn odd in MC.

  • Do it on paper first!

  • Deduce that if n is greater than 2 and a and b are solutions, then they are even. (HARD)

  • Prove that the solutions for n are the halves of the solutions for n + 2.
    • Hint: Search _ odd double in MC and Search _ "eq" "mul" in MC.

  • Prove there are no solutions for n even (Easy)
    • Hint: Use sol0 and solSS.

  • Certify the only solution when n is odd. (SUPER HARD)
    • Hint 1: Use sol1, solSS and sol_are_even.
    • Hint 2: Really sketch it on paper first!