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Exercise 1:

  • Define a function double that takes a natural number to its double.
  • you can use the operations on nat that we defined in class

Exercise 2:

  • Define a function that takes a natural number and tests if it is zero. In that case the value of the function is 1, otherwise it is the double of the given number.
  • The skeleton of the function is given, fill in the blanks.

Exercise 3:

  • Define boolean negation. We did peek at it during the lesson, now try to write it yourself.
  • Exercise 4:

    • write the Fibonacci function (growth of a rabbit population). $$ \phi(n) = \begin{array}{|c}1~\mathrm{if}~n = 0 \\ 1~\mathrm{if}~n = 1\\ \phi(n-1) + \phi(n-2)~\mathrm{otherwise}\end{array} $$

    Exercise 5:

    • Define the option container with constructors None and Some
    • Define the projection default

    Exercise 6:

    Use the iter function below to define:

    • addition over natural numbers.
    • multiplication over natural unmbers.

    Exercise 7:

    • prove the following statement by case split

    Exercise 8:

    • look up what ==> is and prove the Peirce law

    Exercise 9:

    • what is (+) ?
    • Hint: -> in the goal stands for implication, use move to name the assumption
    • Hint: use Search to dind useful lemmas and use rewrite to use them