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Please feel free to inform us about interesting events. You can simply fill this form or send an email to David Coudert. However, be aware that this list is moderated and we will keep only events for which members of our research group have shown a real interest.
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Running deadlines

SIGOPT SIGOPT 2020 International Conference on Optimization
Dortmund, Germany
15/12/2019 04/03 to 06/03/2020
HPSR IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing
Newark, New Jersey, USA
20/12/2019 11/05 to 14/05/2020
GI IEEE Global Internet Symposium
Taipei, Taiwan
23/12/2019 21/04 to 21/04/2020
[ special issue ]
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking - Special issue on Energy Efficiency for Internet of Things
31/12/2019 01/12 to 01/12/2020
[ special issue ]
Special Issue on Optimization and Communication in UAV Networks
31/12/2019 01/06 to 01/06/2020
CTW 18th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization
Ischia, Italy
31/12/2019 15/06 to 17/06/2020
Networking IFIP Networking Conference
Paris, France
07/01/2020 22/06 to 26/06/2020
IWCMC International conference on Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing
Limassol, Cyprus
10/01/2020 15/06 to 19/06/2020
SDN-NFV International workshop on Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization
Paris, France
10/01/2020 20/04 to 23/04/2020
ONDM 24th Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling
Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain
14/01/2020 18/05 to 21/05/2020
WoWMoM 21st IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks
Cork, Ireland
14/01/2020 15/06 to 18/06/2020
WiSARN 13th IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Sensor, Robot and UAV Networks
Beijing, China
15/01/2020 27/04 to 27/04/2020
SEA 18th Symposium on Experimental Algorithms
Catania, Italy
17/01/2020 16/06 to 18/06/2020
IFORS 22nd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies
Seoul, South Korea
17/01/2020 21/06 to 26/06/2020
DCOSS International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems
Los Angeles, California, USA
18/01/2020 25/05 to 27/05/2020
JCB Journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France
20/01/2020 05/02 to 07/02/2020
IWOCA 31st International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms
Bordeaux, France
31/01/2020 08/06 to 10/06/2020
[ special issue ]
Special Issue on Graph-Theoretical Algorithms and Hybrid/Collaborative Technologies
31/01/2020 31/12 to 31/12/2020
RSD Winter School
[ school ]
5th GDR RSD and ASF Winter School on Distributed Systems and Networks
Pleynet, Sept Laux, France
01/02/2020 03/02 to 07/02/2020
CoRes 5e Rencontre Francophone sur la Conception de Protocoles, l'Evaluation de Performance et l'Expérimentation des Réseaux de Communication
Valpré-Lyon Ecully
07/02/2020 11/05 to 12/05/2020
AlgoTel 22e Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications
Valpré-Lyon Ecully
07/02/2020 12/05 to 15/05/2020
FUN Fun with Algorithms
Island of Favignana, Trapani, Sicily, Italy
10/02/2020 08/06 to 10/06/2020
ICALP 47th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
Beijing, China
12/02/2020 08/07 to 12/07/2020
ISCC IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications
Rennes, France
15/02/2020 08/07 to 10/07/2020
MedComNet 19th Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference
Arona, Italy
20/02/2020 17/06 to 19/06/2020
VEHITS 6th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems
Prague, Czech Republic
27/02/2020 02/05 to 04/05/2020
SMARTGREENS 9th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems
Prague, Czech Republic
27/02/2020 02/05 to 04/05/2020
IoTBDS 5th International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security
Prague, Czech Republic
27/02/2020 07/05 to 09/05/2020
Orch5G Orchestration of 5G Networks and Beyond (organized by the ANR MAESTRO-5G project)
L2S, Centrale-Supelec, Gif-sur-Yvette, Paris
28/02/2020 04/06 to 04/06/2020
Compas Conférence francophone d'informatique en Parallélisme, Architecture et Système
Lyon, France
20/03/2020 30/06 to 03/07/2020
ITC International Teletraffic Congress ITC 32
Osaka, Japan
20/03/2020 22/09 to 24/09/2020
[ school ]
Ecole de Jeunes Chercheurs en Informatique Mathématique
Talence, France
01/04/2020 06/04 to 10/04/2020
Seymour70 Seymour is Seventy, a conference honouring the seventieth birthday of Paul Seymour
Lyon, France
01/06/2020 15/06 to 19/06/2020

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