Satellite activity at the RODEO group

IP over broadcast satellite links

The RODEO group makes use of existing hardware, provided by Eutelsat, necessary to transmit IP datagrams over a broadcast satellite link. Hardware is mainly composed of emission and reception cards for PCs.

Drivers, developed for the FreeBSD operating system, will be modified in order to fully implement the standard tunneling mechanism currently under discussion in the IETF unidirectional link routing working group. This allows dynamic routing in a multiple feed-receiver environment such as with the Eutelsat Skyplex satellite performing onboard multixplexing.

Currently, the transmission is performed by a proprietary encapsulation of IP over Direct Video Broadcast. This is being modified to support the standard DSM-CC defined by DAVIC. This will allow media address based filtering for enhanced security on the satellite link.

Concerning QoS management and resource reservation, INRIA will provide mechanisms to allow bandwidth reservation on the satellite link. These mechanisms will be incorporated in the low level drivers. The mapping of RSVP/IPv6 reservation to these mechanisms will also be implemented.

This activity is performed in collaboration with Eutelsat and the European projects COAIS and MECCANO.

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