The MAVROS home page


Welcome to the MAVROS home page. We have prepared an introduction to this ASN.1 compiler, which should answer a large number of your questions.

You may then take a look at a set of manual pages which describe:

We can also provide:

Platform currently supported

MAVROS executable code is available for Sun Solaris 2.5. However, you can also get the source code.

No extension of the MAVROS compiler is planned by the RODEO group.

How to get MAVROS

You can get a free licence for the MAVROS executable and/or source code for teaching and research use only.

For commercial use please contact Alain Zahm.

In order to get the free licence you need to provide all the TEN following items by e-mail to Patrick Cipiere

You will then receive a form to sign. As soon as we receive the signed form we can either: No tape support is provided.

Click here to access some stuff you may want to know before downloading the Mavros distribution.

Technical Support

The MAVROS compiler was developed by Christian Huitema, now with Bellcore. Therefore, no technical support is provided by the RODEO project concerning MAVROS. You can however get a lot of informations from the above referenced documents. For any additional information please contact Walid Dabbous for technical issues and Frederique Lavirotte for legal issues. For any problem concerning the retrieval of the MAVROS software please contact Patrick Cipiere


The code is provided as is. No warranty is provided.

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