The Multicast internet Maze

MiMaze is the first multiplayer game with a distributed architecture using the multicast bone (MBone).
It is a real-time interactive game where players are fighting in a virtual environment. MiMaze was derived from iMaze (release 3.0, in 1995). This work focusses on the transmission control mechanisms that have to be used to make it possible to play a real-time multiplayer game on the Internet. Our major contribution is to have designed and implemented a completely distri buted communication architecture based on IP multicast. The major elements of MiMaze architecture are a multicast communication system based on RTP/UDP/IP, and a distributed synchronization mechanisms to guarantee the consistency of the game, regardless network delay.

Researches on MiMaze are done by Laurent Gautier, Emmanuel Léty and ChristopheDiot in the RODEO laboratory of INRIA.
MiMaze is designed by LaurentGautier.
VRML/JAVA extension is designed by Emmanuel Léty.

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