For which applications ?


  • Audile for games

Audile can be used to optimize your game audio engines. Thousands of   virtual sources can be processed and spatialized and audile provides a continous level-of-detail to adapt your audio to the target platform with minimal quality degradation. Audile has already been successfully used in the commercial games TestDrive Unlimited   and Alone In the Dark : Near Death Investigation (read the press release at


  • Audile for interactive simulations and VR

Audile has been used in the context of several VR projects, for instance in the context of EU projects CREATE and CROSSMOD (add links to that) and the French RNTL OPERA project. In this context, it was successfully interfaced with common graphics engine such as Performer or OGRE 3D.


  • Audile for telecommunications

Audile was used to optimize a VOIP server with partners FranceTelecom and Virtools.