The collaborative research initiative (ARC) NIEVE aims at:

The ARC initiative is also accompanied by a development action (ADT), Interact3D. For more details see the presentation at the INRIA scientific days workshop below.

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Presentation at the INRIA Scientific Days Workshop

Presentation here



INRIA Sophia-Antipolis Immersive Space

The Immersive Space in Sophia-Antipolis has two display devices, a CadWall for its ease of use and an iCube for its immersion quality. Both devices offer 6:1 sound restitution, stereo images and optical tracking. In NIEVE, we will be using the iCube. iCube This display device offers a 3.2m x 2.4m working area. It is made of 3 vertical screens (left, front, right) and an horizontal one (floor). Thanks to the head tracking, it allows a single user to be completely immersed in a virtual environment. It is a unique setup at INRIA since it is the first immersive “CAVE-like” immersive environment of the Institute; in particular, the floor is retroprojected, which is essential for the sensation of immersion and presence. In addition, we provide full Head-Related Transfer Funtion based 3D audio spatialization, delivered over headphones or speakers using Cross Talk Cancellation (planned for 2010). Technical features Enforcing the user experience quality has been one of our main goals. It results in several features: