Forming Terrains by Glacial Erosion
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Forming Terrains by Glacial Erosion

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings), Volume 42, Number 4 - Aug 2023
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We introduce the first solution for simulating the formation and evolution of glaciers, together with their attendant erosive effects, for periods covering the combination of glacial and inter-glacial cycles. Our efficient solution includes both a fast yet accurate deep learning-based estimation of high-order ice flows and a new, multi-scale advection scheme enabling us to account for the distinct time scales at which glaciers reach equilibrium compared to eroding the terrain. We combine the resulting glacial erosion model with finer-scale erosive phenomena to account for the transport of debris flowing from cliffs. This enables us to model the formation of terrain shapes not previously adequately modeled in Computer Graphics, ranging from U-shaped and hanging valleys to fjords and glacial lakes.

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Acknowledgements and Funding

This project was sponsored by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche project Invterra ANR-22-CE33-0012-01 to Cordonnier, by the USDA NIFA, Award \#2023-68012-38992 grant ``Promoting Economic Resilience and Sustainability of the Eastern U.S. Forests'' to Benes, by Hi!Paris's fellowship on Creative AI to Cani, by the National Research Foundation of South Africa (Grant Number 129257) to Gain, and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche project Ampli ANR-20-CE23-0001.

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