Applications of Visual Perception to Virtual Reality Rendering
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Applications of Visual Perception to Virtual Reality Rendering

SIGGRAPH Course - 2017
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Over the past few years, virtual reality (VR) has transitioned from the realm of expensive research prototypes and military installations into widely available consumer devices. But the high pixel counts and frame rates of current commodity devices more than double the rendering costs of 1920x1080 gaming, and next-generation HMDs could easily double or triple costs again. As a result, VR experiences are limited in visual quality, performance, and other capabilities. Human visual perception has repeatedly been shown to be important to creating immersion while keeping up with increasing performance requirements. Thus, an understanding of visual perception and its applications in real-time VR graphics is vital for HMD designers, application developers, and content creators. This course begins with an overview of the importance of human perception in modern virtual reality. We accompany this overview with a dive into the key characteristics of the human visual system and the psychophysical methods used to study its properties. After laying the perceptual groundwork, we present three case studies outlining the applications of human perception to improving the performance, quality, and applicability of VR graphics. Finally, we conclude with a forward looking discussion, highlighting important future work and open challenges in perceptual VR, and a Q&A session for more in-depth audience interaction.

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