Scalable Inside-Out Image-Based Rendering
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Scalable Inside-Out Image-Based Rendering

Peter Hedman, Tobias Ritschel, George Drettakis, Gabriel Brostow
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Proceedings), Volume 35, Number 6 - December 2016
Download the publication : insideout_siggasia_2016_preprint.pdf [30.7Mo]  

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Acknowledgements and Funding

Thanks to Dr Johnson's Museum, Judd Books, Waterstones on Gower Street, and Kathryn Emmett-Brostow for being so accommodating with our filming. Thanks to Rodrigo Ortiz-Cayon for computing the comparisons. The authors are grateful for the support of EU project CR-PLAY (no 611089) , EPSRC EP/K023578/1, and project SEMAPOLIS (ANR-13-CORD-0003).

NEW!!!! Source Code and Datasets

Full source code and datasets are available at , as part of the SIBR system. For full documentation see .

Project Page

See the project page at UCL here


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