Monitoring Alzheimer patients at Nice Hospital

SWEET-HOME is a ANR TECSAN French project from Nov 1st 2009 to 2012 (3 years) on long-term monitoring of elderly people at Hospital with Nice City Hospital, Actis Ingenierie, MICA Center (CNRS unit - UMI 2954) in Hanoi, Vietnam, SMILE Lab at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and National Cheng Kung University Hospital. INRIA Grant is 240 Keuros out of 689 Keuros for the whole project. SWEET-HOME project aims at building an innovative framework for modelling activities of daily living (ADLs) at home. These activities can help assessing elderly disease (e.g. Alzheimer, depression, apathy) evolution or detecting pre-cursors such as unbalanced walking, speed, walked distance, psychomotor slowness, frequent sighing and frowning, social withdrawal with a result of increasing indoor hours. The SWEET-HOME project focuses on two aspects related to Alzheimer disease: (1) to assess the initiative ability of patient and whether the patient is involved in goal directed behaviours (2) to assess walking disorders and potential risk of falls. In this focus, the goal is to collect and combine multi-sensor (audio-video) information to detect activities and assess behavioural trends to provide user services at different levels. In this project experimental rooms are used in Nice-Cimiez Hospital for monitoring Alzheimer patients.

The access to the CHU video data is available for the Sweet-Home partners. Please download the form and send it back to us (Francois.Bremond@inria.fr) to get the password and the ressource