Reconstruction of geological data

In collaboration with BRGM in GEOFRANCE3D program.
The geological data are incomplete and heterogeneous. They are located on various supports:

- local probings: drillings, wells, tunnels...
- numerical model of terrain
- geological map
- interpreted geological cross-sections
- outcrop informations, directions of interfaces...

The heterogeneous initial data are discretized. The points obtained are assigned a "color", each color corresponding to a geological formation.
The Voronoi diagram of these points gives a decomposition of the space into convex cells.

This method yields a volumic representation of the subsoil.

The geological formations determined from the Voronoi diagram are then smoothed, using 3D deformable meshes, while keeping the initial topology of the model.

Reconstruction of the subsoil of the region of Morges (French Alps) The data on this example are the numerical model of terrain, the geological map, and eight geological cross-sections. These sections are interpreted and incomplete, on more or less parallel planes.

Slides (Stéphane Nullans' defense, in French)

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