Generation of 3D Animations from Scenario Models

LES AUTEURS Jihene Bannour, Benoît Georis, François Brémond and Monique Thonnat


The objective of this work is to generate automatically 3D animations from scenario models defined by human experts for scenario recognition. These animations are useful for two reasons. First, they can help experts to validate their scenario models. Second, synthetic video sequences can be generated from these 3D animations and serve as reference data to evaluate video interpretation algorithms. An animation is generated in two stages. First, we transform a scenario model into a visualisation model. Second, we generate animation instances from visualisation models. The first results obtained are promising. We have automatically generated 3D animations for two applications: the monitoring of a bank agency and a metro platform.

Mots clé: 3D animation, scenario models, evaluation of video interpretation algorithms, video interpretation, synthetic movies

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