Tracking multiple non-rigid objects in video sequences

Authors: François Brémond and Monique Thonnat


This paper presents a method to track multiple non-rigid objects in video sequences. First, we present related works on tracking methods. Second, we describe our proposed approach. We use the notion of target to represent the perception of object motion. To handle the particularities of non-rigid objects we define a target as a individually tracked moving region or as a group of moving regions globally tracked. Then we explain how to compute the trajectory of a target and how to compute the correspondences between known targets and moving regions newly detected. In the case of an ambiguous correspondence we define a compound target to freeze the associations between targets and moving regions until a more accurate information is available. Finally we provide an example to illustrate the way we have implemented the proposed tracking method for video-surveillance applications.

Keywords: Tracking, non-rigid objects, video sequence interpretation, cluttered scenes.

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